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Article: Embarking on a Skincare Journey - How It All Began

Embarking on a Skincare Journey - How It All Began

Embarking on a Skincare Journey - How It All Began

Let me take you on a journey into my world—a story that might resonate with many who've experienced the ups and downs of life.  I always found myself drawn more to creativity than academia. The canvas was my friend, design my passion, and the joy of creating something from scratch my constant companion. Little did I know that my path would be deeply intertwined with skincare and self-discovery. 

Plant It On Me


Flash forward to my teenage years—those unforgettable years when skin troubles rear their head, bringing along a cocktail of self-doubt and insecurities. At 14, I found myself grappling with early periods and an unwelcome bout of extremely spotty skin. In those days, advice was sparse, and the options were limited: a trip to the doctor for antibiotics or an abundance of skincare products promising miraculous transformations. These were luxuries that were financially out of reach, especially when battling acne on a budget.


Face mask goals


The journey continued, and as university came to an end, I had had enough. Determination coursed through my veins, and I embarked on a mission to bid farewell to acne—without resorting to the pill. Drawing inspiration from Ayurveda and ingredients found in the kitchen, I harnessed the power of my ancient heritage from my mother  and found solace in their efficacy. Witnessing the astonishing transformation in my skin, I was compelled to delve deeper into the realm of skincare.

Becoming an aesthetician wasn't just about understanding skin—it was a vow to stand alongside those who had fought the same battle, those who had felt the impact of acne not just on their complexion but on their self-esteem. This journey was personal, driven by empathy and a desire to guide others toward their own radiant transformations.

I believe in the potential of every skin, the beauty that can be uncovered through a thoughtful and holistic approach. Ayurvedic and natural remedies weren't just skincare to me—they were a lifeline. And as I expanded my knowledge and expertise, I discovered the art of not only nurturing skin but also nurturing the spirit.

So here's to more than a skincare journey. Here's to the power of empowerment, the strength of self-love, and the transformation that can emerge when we listen to our skin and honour its unique needs. Let's embark together on a path of understanding, healing, and celebrating the remarkable canvas that is our skin.

Thank you for joining me on this journey

Dipali xx