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Effective functional skincare that works
Plant It On Me


Plant It On Me

  • 92% of users applying ‘Smooth + Renew AHA resurfacing gel peel mask‘ twice a week noticed:
  • reduced blackheads and dark spots
  • improved skin hydration
  • smoother texture
Hyperpigmentation, dark spots, dark maks, black skincare, before using alpha hydroxy acids


skin transformed after using Plant It On Me lactic, mandelic, glycolic face resurfacing mask


Before & After

"Our Smooth & Renew AHA resurfacing gel mask is designed to improve your skin, and we're positive that you will be satisfied with the results. In the unlikely event that you don't see any changes. We offer a money-back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction"


3 Easy Steps


    Use our gentle yet effective gel to milk cleanser to wipe away daily impurities


    Apply the AHA mask, kick back, and let it work its magic


    Wrap up your routine with a touch of hydration and layer of SPF


I’m not clued up on skin care but if I was to start anywhere it’ll be “Plant it on me”. This face mask is the best I’ve tried, no break outs or bumpy skin just smooth like a new born baby. 

What’s the most surprising thing (because I pop some pimples, I need to stop lol) it gets rid of scars quite quickly, it helps speed up the healing process.  I’ve already recommended it to my friends! 5*

- Stephen

I've been using Deep Green to cleanse and remove my makeup. It's so gentle and love that it has spirulina in it!

- Ela

Absolutely love the Rule of Plum I had extremely sensitive skin after a facial from a Barber. It was very sore, red and inflamed, I used the oil and omg my skin was back to normal! Love it!!

-Dr Dee

Plant It On Me

Your Money Back Guarantee

I’m positive that you will be satisfied with the results of our Smooth & Renew AHA resurfacing gel mask

In the unlikely event that you don't see any changes I’ll offer a 30 day money-back guarantee

  • Plant It On Me
  • Plant It On Me
  • Plant It On Me
Plant It On Me

Transformation delivered.

My skin has been so dry for the last few months. I used the Rule of Plum oil, cleansing balm and the mask for a week and it literally sorted out my dryness and scarring. It smells amazing too, definitely using this it all the time...

- Dee

Plant It On Me
Plant It On Me

The Mission

To inspire skin confidence.

I believe that everyone deserves healthy, glowing skin.

Age or skin type should not be a barrier.

I would love you to join me on this journey! LOVE, DIPALI

Plant It On Me

My Story

Throughout my teens and early adult life I had zero confidence. I hated my skin. When I saw myself in the mirror I just saw dark marks, cysts and scabs - and I constantly picked at them! I felt I looked hideous.

Plant It On Me

I have been using this for 2 weeks and my skin is GLOWING! It's so plumpy, hydrated and smooth. I wish I started using the mask ages ago.

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